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The General who could not speak!

It was the most important Congressional report session after the Vietnam war. We were glued to our television sets to hear the top US military commander, Gen. David Petraeus and US Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker give their testimony and report the situation in Iraq. You could see the tension and stress on both their faces. That very morning the New York Times carried a full page ad calling the top US General, ‘Gen betray-us’. We could feel the high tension that hung heavily in that room, and more so over the General himself, even while sitting in the comfort of our own home. Facing not only the committee but thousands of US soldiers and millions of people in America and elsewhere, the General was about to speak on the conditions on Iraq and war strategies. All eyes were on him as he was signaled to begin his report, which by all means is controversial in the first place.  The albatross certainly hung around the general’s well buttoned neck. Then, when he was just about to reach for the microphone, he wasn’t able to speak!

Why?? Because his mic wasn’t working. So, much for the most important Congressional report session of the the past two decades! We did expect voicing of protests and loud demonstrations  (all of which were there) but definitely not the silence of the microphones.


Why she cares??!!


Checking in.


  1. Jon Frisk

    It’s a shame that the nation has lost its trust and faith in the general leading the most crucial battle of our era. The left have criticised him and have called him names name; “Betray -US”, what is that?

    The left have betrayed the hope and are jeopardizing the lives of 160,000 soldiers serving in Iraq. In a way they are dampening the spirits of our soldiers and emboldening the terrorists fighting us all over the globe.


  2. Christine Chambers

    The problem with the mic in a way potrays the problem with this administration. No planning, no asessment; just get out there and beat the s#*t out of those who oppose.

    It’s hard to believe that this agenda-centric White House will let General Petraeus get out there and speak the truth. And if tomorrow it is exposed; the macho man of the White House will defend it saying that if General Petraeus were to say-it-all, it would have informed our enemies of our strategies and have harmed our fine, young men and women in uniforms!

    If you, Mr president, were so concerned about these fine young men and women in uniform; why would you have started the war on such a flimsy excuse and how about a bit more planning and strategy rather then hollow words of promises and empty talks?

    -Christine Chambers

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