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Lauren Caitlin Upton made a mistake on national TV and it is only human

Yesterday I posted a video showing a contestant of Miss Teen USA having a tough time in the question and answer segment of the competition. OK so she made a mistake and we all had a good time laughing about it (If you didn’t get to read yesterday’s post click here).

What impressed me was that she was able to laugh at it too. Once again Lauren Caitlin Upton appeared on national television and was not only able to defend herself but got another shot at answering the question. This time she kept Iraq and Africa far away from her answer! That is why today all my empathy is with her. And that is why I have deleted that post.

She is just 18 (come on give her a break). It is the same reason why I don’t think that there should be such under age beauty pageants in the first place. Somebody her age should be attending geography class instead of answering a question about it in a pageant.

Here is her defence-


Double Rainbows :)


A quaint little bookstore


  1. As salaam alaikum.

    Thanks for sharing this post and your thoughts. I don’t make a habit of watching these sorts of events, I did however watch both posts from your blog. Masha’Allah — she is a kid! I hope people will give her a break…

    And that Allah (swt) will guide her to the straight path.

    Ma’as salaama,

    nuh ibn

  2. Vick

    It’s good to see someone defending Lauren Caitlin Upton! But comeon, you cannot come 24 hours later on MSNBC and say that you didn’t hear the question and that if you had heard it properly you would have answerd it this way… and then go read it off a script – that’s not how you redeem!

    If anything she’s now more popular than the winner of the contest – do you know who she is? I don’t!!!

    And the fact that she’s cute and sexy – her career is only going to sky rocket!


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