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Popularity By Belligerence: Presidential Race 2008

Missing out on your soaps and reality shows? Well, just tune into the 2008 Presidential Campaign Trail. The Monday night CNN Democratic presidential debate from Myrtle Beach set a record. According to the Associated Press, it was the most-watched debate ever in cable news.
South Carolina Democratic Debate Heats Up With Fiery Clinton, Obama Exchange

It started to get mean at the very onset. It went on with Hillary and Obama trading barbs over their policies, records (even spouses!) and Edwards saying that their sqaubbling won’t get any child health care.

Votes or no votes, these debates get a way lot of hits.

  •  An estimated 4.9 million people watched Monday’s show from South Carolina

 The acrimonios Myrtle Beach debate was just a warm up to what we are going to witness in the following months. Many more sharp rhetorics are to be exchanged and allegations yet to be delivered, stay tuned!

Democratic Debate, South Carolina


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    John McCain’s the next president!

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