It took some time to come at this. Initially our hearts went out to the eloquent speaker from Illinois who swept us away with his promise of change.

I admit, I wanted to support the underdog with exceptional oratory skills. His policies made a lot of  sense and he was definitely the most likable candidate in the race.

Hillary wasn’t our first choice. But after reconsideration Clinton seems to be a stronger and better leader.

I watched the Texas debate last night. Not because I wanted to hear what I’ve already heard over and over again about Obama and Hillary’s agenda. I watched it to really watch the candidates themselves. That seemed to be my short moment of crisis when my already inclined support bent more towards Hillary Clinton.

Hillary will make a better head and a better administator . She has more experience and is more practical in her approach towards issues. We all know Obama’s charm and talents because he makes sure we notice them. But that is not enough to be head of government. His win seems more like playing with a wild card.

Hillary is tough and full of conviction. Yesterday she showed she can smile in her moment(s) of crisis.