You can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.



  1. vondapaf

    I have a good fresh joke for you! Why do bicycles fall over? Because they are two-tired.
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  2. I have a nice fresh joke for you people) What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.
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  3. I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What insect does well in school? A spelling bee.
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  4. sindynek

    Nice joke! How many Microsoft employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. We’ll just declare darkness the new standard.
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  5. ivanadof

    Wanna very nice joke?)) Why did the big moron fall off the roof and the little moron didn’t? Because he was a little more on.
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  6. Wanna joke?) Why wouldn’t the bike move very fast?? It was too tired!!
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  7. I have a joke for you =) Why did the garbage look sad? Because it was down in the dumps.
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  8. antoniovek

    I have a fresh joke for you) What goes black and white, black and white, black and white, boom? A nun falling down the stairs.
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