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Health Trivia

Here is a question for you. Try and see if you get this one right.

Which one of these has the most calories?

a) McDonald’s Big Mac

b) 2 Egg Mcmuffins

c) Large Chocolate Shake


If you said Big Mac, your answer is the same as most Americans, according to a survey.

The right answer is Chocolate shake. It has 1160 calories, almost half of an average man’s daily requirment.

While the Mcmuffins and Big Mac have 300 and 540 calories respectively.

 This survey was  done in Seattle to assess how much the public was really aware of what they eat. The survey also showed that more people eat out than ever before.

Here is a chart to help you gauge what you eat at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Nutrition Chart.

Chocolate Triple Thick Shake


Eat Up!


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  1. Imran Ibrahim

    WOW!!! Thanx 4 enlightening me on McD…now I know what 2 eat when I go there.

  2. Sonal


    Amazing!!! Never thought of these before!!

  3. God

    Haha I got it right!

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