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Funny Cheney

Vice President, Dick Cheney may be in treatment for an irregular heartbeat. But he is still one tough guy.

Deadlier moves than those of Chuck Norris, from what I hear.

Double Rainbows :)

Full Arcs

Searching for the pots of gold

Still searching…

I just love showing you all around my neighborhood don’t I? Well, here are a few pictures of a double rainbow after a generous August shower. As we were admiring the full colored arch of the the rainbow I noticed an outer arch of slightly lighter shade running equidistant from the first one. The outside image is the mirror image of the original. Check out more on Wikipedia’s article on double rainbows.

These are not very good shots but if you take a closer look you might even see a third one! Depending on how good your eye is of course.

Crazy about it!!


Remember about how I said that sushi is very popular in the USA…well, here is the proof. Evidently this guy can’t get enough of it! Also check out the salmon image on his number plate in the image above.

Hail Storm In Herndon

There was a hail storm at our place in Herndon, Virginia last week on June 14, Thursday. The storm lasted over thirty minutes with a spectacular shower of hail stones. Thankfully, there were no serious damages but we had a power cut in the entire town for almost 2 hours! Work came to a screeching halt in this little techno hub. We took the opportunity to visit family. What better time than a power cut to do so! 🙂

Thursday afternoon-neighborhood placid

Waiting for the storm to happen


Next morning…lake placid

Click on the images for a bigger view

Clips n Snips of Abu Dhabi

Check these clips of Abu Dhabi

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