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A quaint little bookstore


While driving around the outskirts of Washington DC, we came across this offbeat local bookstore called Hole In The Wall Books.
It was located in a good residential locality, a place where one would least expect to find something like this. Reviews say that they found a collection of rare books and trade-in policy at amazing prices.

Ofcourse you won’t get a posh coffee shop next door and many other amenities that you get at Barnes and Nobles. But, sometimes the charm of such places cannot be traded in for all that 🙂

The unfortunate part was that we did not get to go inside as it was already closed for the day. We are planning to make a trip soon over there soon and then maybe I can write about my experience. For right now all I can do is look at its picture and imagine what it stores inside. I hope the wait is worth it!

A Contrast

A day in the life of an avid book reader.


This is about the impossible task of reading a book. Tell me if something like this has happened to you too or if I’m the only one.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than cuddling up with a good old book. I could read and read for hours without a halt. But then there are those typical ‘I can’t seem to read this book day’ which usually go somewhat like this.

These days would start off as rather idle ones. The days when I would have nothing much to do and after a few useless strolls around the house I would finally declare,” today is the perfect to finish the book I had wanted to read for so long.” And soon as I settle down to a comfortable position on my favorite couch with a jolt I realize “hey I need my favorite pillow too. I simply cannot read without my favorite pillow or my neck would pain.”

Running errands to the other rooms and I finally find the pillow. Cursing whoever had put it away from its place I run to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Usually, I need a water bottle beside me all the time. Why, sometimes I feel that I take in as much water as air if not more!

Ok, finally I open the first page with a lot of enthusiasm and read the first line. “Wow”, I say to myself “this author is really good. What an expressive style, I’m glad I decided to read this book today”. And while still in between all the self-congratulations it dawns upon me that something is not right…what could it be?

Hmmm…think think think…I know, I need something to munch along with this. Won’t that be a lot more fun than simply reading a book?

So up I go, again into the kitchen and search drawers, jars and cupboards to dig out some goodies.

5 mins past…I only find a mundane packets of chips, hmmm…potatoes chips…very mundane…blue cover with the cheesy name very very mundane. “Why don’t I ever find something when I’m really hungry, I always see goodies lying around when I’m on crash (of course) diet routine” Settling for the chips (mundane) I go back and try to concentrate on my book.

It starts to get cold so I pull out a blanket and snuggle into yet another comfortable position, now with the packet of chips (mundane of course) in my hand, a bottle of water beside me (glass you ask, hey it’s ok to drink from the bottle when nobody is around, right?) And adjusting my head on my pillow, I sink into the book and re-start my attempt to at least start the book.

Am still on the first line, won’t do any harm if I’ll read it again. Maybe I can use it somewhere. Besides, the opening lines are the most important part of the book, they carry the impact of the forthcoming pages and some of them are very memorable ones. Remember, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch incredulity, it was the it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope…Ok enough of Dickens, back to my book.

I turn the first page and then open the packet of chips (yes still mundane and I’m not forgiving it so soon). I put the first one in my mouth and I find myself staring at lines that didn’t quite seem to be from the book I was reading. Hold on, were the chips making me hallucinate or what? The lines seemed familiar…something about a tummy tuck …the natural way. Ah now I remember, it was from an article on well being that appeared in the last Sunday magazine. No, it wasn’t hallucination after all. That was just a visit from my loyal conscience. The article had read something like this,” If you want your tummy tucked in the natural way, avoid munching oily food while in a sitting or reclining position.”

So, I get up start strolling up and down the room with the open book in my hand and a mouthful of chips. Now don’t start thinking that I am a person who would blindly follow everything a mute magazine tells me, but the authoress of the article is the number one dietitian in the country, now who am I to argue with a person like that? I mean one should always work out the best for oneself, right?

Post one pack of chips and 15 out of 360 pages, I go back to my pillow and blanket. Another 5 pages and yawn…why am I tired “Because you’ve been walking around the room since the last 45 mins, that’s why…and it is time for my evening tea.”

Come on a few more pages, I say to myself. I finally convinced myself that I will not put down the “interesting” book until I finish at least half of it.

“Beep” goes the cell phone. Cool one of my friends calling, I haven’t spoken to her for ages. “Well, think of the devil….” My friend called me to tell me all about her latest job and I was all ears of course. What? Excerpts from the conversation you say. Well mostly about how all the females in her office are so jealous of her and how the smartest guy at office had pulled opened the door for her and how she managed to get her ‘not so cool’ co-worker to finish all her tasks for her while she could go out on the weekend….and on and on. You want to know more, I’m sure not!
Time passes and now it is sunset now and after this follow myriad of excuses for keeping the book down for the day.

The very important pile of clothes that urgently need some water and soap, the one I had saved for an idle day like this, the dinner with family and friends. And like this have passed many days when I could simply not read a decent book even if I wanted to!

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