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Month: August 2007

A quaint little bookstore


While driving around the outskirts of Washington DC, we came across this offbeat local bookstore called Hole In The Wall Books.
It was located in a good residential locality, a place where one would least expect to find something like this. Reviews say that they found a collection of rare books and trade-in policy at amazing prices.

Ofcourse you won’t get a posh coffee shop next door and many other amenities that you get at Barnes and Nobles. But, sometimes the charm of such places cannot be traded in for all that 🙂

The unfortunate part was that we did not get to go inside as it was already closed for the day. We are planning to make a trip soon over there soon and then maybe I can write about my experience. For right now all I can do is look at its picture and imagine what it stores inside. I hope the wait is worth it!

A Contrast

Lauren Caitlin Upton made a mistake on national TV and it is only human

Yesterday I posted a video showing a contestant of Miss Teen USA having a tough time in the question and answer segment of the competition. OK so she made a mistake and we all had a good time laughing about it (If you didn’t get to read yesterday’s post click here).

What impressed me was that she was able to laugh at it too. Once again Lauren Caitlin Upton appeared on national television and was not only able to defend herself but got another shot at answering the question. This time she kept Iraq and Africa far away from her answer! That is why today all my empathy is with her. And that is why I have deleted that post.

She is just 18 (come on give her a break). It is the same reason why I don’t think that there should be such under age beauty pageants in the first place. Somebody her age should be attending geography class instead of answering a question about it in a pageant.

Here is her defence-

Double Rainbows :)

Full Arcs

Searching for the pots of gold

Still searching…

I just love showing you all around my neighborhood don’t I? Well, here are a few pictures of a double rainbow after a generous August shower. As we were admiring the full colored arch of the the rainbow I noticed an outer arch of slightly lighter shade running equidistant from the first one. The outside image is the mirror image of the original. Check out more on Wikipedia’s article on double rainbows.

These are not very good shots but if you take a closer look you might even see a third one! Depending on how good your eye is of course.

The case of the forgotten flowers

Sanity at my bedside
Every morning I wake up and hope to look at the fresh flowers that sit by my bedside. Whether they are the cheerful carnations that I had picked up on my way home or the velvet roses my husband gave me for my birthday, they might be long like the chrysanthemum or short and spread out like the petunia, I love it when my bedside table is adorned with a tasteful bunch.

The flowers maybe vibrant, colorful flowerets or a cluster of plain white lilies. Flowers in my living space make my mornings lovely and the rest of the day bearable. When I go to sleep, while watching them in the soft glow of the table lamp they seem to divinely assure me of a good night sleep.

Same goes for the ones on the dinning table downstairs, they stand in large cut glass vase which was a gift from my sister in law. Oh yes, the vase hardly ever went bare ever since she gave it to me. All is sweet till the efflorescence lasts. After weeks of exuding warmth and joy in my home the petals start showing a darker tint of color on their outer sides and on the white flowers there appears a light rusty brown shade that starts sucking away all the beauty of the soft petals…my flowers start withering. And after all that joy that these over bloomed buds bought into my life I tend to ignore them as they turn a shade darker every passing day. Trying to keep up with everyday work I just manage to catch a glance of the drooping stems in the murky water, till finally they become an eyesore to the spot they had once flattered. And sometimes quite few days go by till I get enough time to pull them out of the vase and shove them into the bin, wash up the vase and set it up on the table all ready to for another bouquet of flowers.

Well, human beings are selfish and that is a point that has been proven by a dozen others before me. I always keep getting new ones and enjoy them while they last. While putting in a fresh assemblage I do think to atleast give them a respectful disposal while they still wither and not when they had completely rot in the molded water. But procrastination spreads out its tarrying wings and once again it becomes the case of the forgotten flowers. Although, there have been many times when I did take them out and punctually got replacements too. But it often happens that the vase is set aside to adjust an extra soup bowl on the dinner table or a few extra bedtime readings on the side table. At times like these the vase merges into the oblivion and the flowers…well, they stay a little more than they usually have to owing to my perfect inattention. 🙂

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