The Politician’s New Clothes

Obama in a Somalia in 2006

I had written earlier that I had begun to see nuances of better leadership in Hillary Clinton. What was I thinking?? According to the Drudge report, stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend in order to ‘smear’ Obama’s campaign.

The Clintonistas were probably addressing the people who still think that Obama is Muslim and hoped that this photo will give a glimpse of his ‘Muslimness’.

There is nothing wrong with Obama posing for such a photo. Politicians do that all the time. They are often seen donning the local garbs of the places they visit. George Bush seems quite fond of it himself-

George Bush In Veitnam

Hillary Clinton was seen wearing a  traditional Vietnamese hat along with daughter Chelsea on their visit to the country in 2000.

Hillary and Chelsea

Even though the Clinton camp now seems desperate to try these dirty tactics they are a part of a good day’s work on the political battleground.

What I find absurd is how the media always links Obama to Islam and calls him a Muslim as if it were some sort of name calling. As if being considered Muslim is a bad thing. As if having a middle name Hussein automatically links one to the infamous ousted Iraqi dictator. So, it  is not a big deal if the future President of the United States had drug issues but it is outrageous if he had any kind of Islamic roots.

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  1. This is a great reply to the exaggerated criticism hurled at Obama.
    It is really nasty of republicans linking him with “muslimness” and Islam in a negative light.

    Arhama, great job done once again!
    keep it up!

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