Poor Billionaires!

Fifty Million Dollars

Only in Zimbabwe can a person be a billionaire and still live in poverty. A hamburger in an ordinary cafe in Zimbabwe costs over 10 million Zimbabwe dollars!

Zimbabwe faces the world’s highest official inflation of an estimated 25,000 per cent.

4 Replies to “Poor Billionaires!”

  1. Interesting “note”!

    I don’t know what the commenter MKF eats, but it is definitely not enriching his/her mind!

  2. Well I feel that is a very harsh statement. Besides it is their colonial past that has allowed them to become so vulnerable in the first place.

    Once again the nations economy, culture and heritage is being held hostage by a privileged minority. I agree that the condition of the country has drastically worsened since Mugabe came in power. But that is not becuase the whites letting go of the blacks. It is because the country is run by the wrong people.

    Tragically, the pattern of life in Zimbabwe is repeating itself once again. A small, wealthy elite steals from an impoverished majority, and uses the power of the state to terrorize all those who stand up in protest.

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